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what parents say about our team
parents are talking

"like part of the family

Our advisor became like part of the family! I am so appreciative of everything she did to help our daughter get into her dream school.”

- Francis J.

"we are so happy

You all worked hard for our son and always told him like it was. We saw him working harder on the process to make his advisor proud and we are so happy that he got in to his top choice.”

- Jill R.

"so much encouragement

Our family would like to thank you for everything. You have provided so much encouragement and (our daughter) really loved working with you. Seeing her happy has made it all worth it.”

- Stephanie B.

parents are talking

"incredibly happy

We’ve been incredibly happy with Union Hall. Everything they said they would do, they did. In our experience with other tutors and advisors, this is rare.”

- Greg L.

"guided our son

We've been working with the team at Union Hall for years. They guided our son through high school. It's been great to have them at his side. There's no way he would have the resume he has now without their help.”

- Amy M.

"they know what they're doing

We really liked the pragmatism of the leaders at Union Hall. They approached this like a project which helped quell some of the emotion and kept everyone on track. They really know what they are doing.”

- Michael C.

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