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Today’s college admissions landscape is more competitive than ever. Work with us to have an expert help you every step of the way.

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Most people go through the college application process just a few times in their lives. Our team goes through it hundreds of times every year. This kind of repetition builds expertise, but it also contributes to a rigorous process that yields admissions success year after year.
The process begins when we align on objectives with you and your student and ends with the execution of a plan that achieves those objectives. Our methods vary a bit by how much time you have left before applications are due, but the strategies are largely the same.  
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Application deadlines seem to be coming fast, but there is still time to slow down enough to deliver a complete, cohesive and compelling story to colleges. Here's how we help you do it:
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Solidify your Personal Narrative
Your personal narrative is the story you are telling colleges about who you are and where you want to go. It ties together your academic goals, the experiences that have made you who you are and the reasons why you will be a great fit for your dream college.
If you already know how you want your story to read, we will help you solidify and polish that story.
If you don’t yet know what you want to tell colleges, we will help you figure that out. Either way, this step requires thinking reflectively. It involves asking and answering questions like:
What do I want to study and why? What experiences in my life led me to want this? What have I done to prove this is what I want? What else can I bring to a college campus that they will want?
It’s tempting to gloss over these questions because they are either too basic or too difficult. But if you think of yourself as a product that a college is going to buy, you want to be clear about your value proposition. The answers to these simple questions inform your admissions strategy and every application element, from essays to letters of recommendation to your college list.   
You need to know what you want before you can go get it. And then you need to prove that you’re worthy of receiving it. Don’t worry if you can’t come up with your entire life’s plan right now. That is not necessary and many kids switch direction once they are in college. Think of these questions as what you need to answer at this point in time, for the purpose of applying.
You also don’t have to worry if you don’t have enough solid proof points to back up your desire. No matter how late you are in the application process, we will advise you on specific activities that you can do to improve your case. Part of this is achieved via a “Blueprint” session where we look at each element of your admissions profile and recommend how to enhance and improve them with the time you have remaining.
Solidifying your personal narrative is the first part of our admissions advising process for seniors and it happens through structured dialogue between you and our advisors. It might take five minutes - or it might take five hours.
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Prioritize your College List
Once you know what you want, and are building proof to support it, you can start strategizing where to go to college. Most students we work with have some idea of a dream school -and that’s great. If that dream school fits your narrative then it can go to the top of the list. But we also need to look at the college list through multiple lenses.
What is the school’s selectivity? Is the school affordable for you and what is the likelihood of receiving financial aid (either need-based or merit-based)? Is this school a fit, personally? We’ll help you answer these questions and build a list that artfully balances the trade-offs between these sometimes competing elements.
With a college list in hand, we’ll help you strategize your early decision or early action choices. We’ll also work with you to specify the exact reasons why you want to attend each school on your list and also decide what majors or programs you’ll be indicating on the application. These reasons will be critical for the “why us” essay that most colleges ask you to write. Colleges believing that you will choose them plays an important role in the admissions process these days. We’ll make sure the signals from you are strong.
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write your story
With your narrative strategy and prioritized list, it’s time to start the hard work of writing your story. Your essays are the primary vehicle for doing this, so they need a lot of care and attention. The most important is your Personal Statement. This essay needs to do a lot of things well and so the topic you choose is critical.
We’ll work with you to uncover a topic that serves all of the needs of the essay: highlighting your narrative in an authentic way, making you seem likable and presenting you as a good writer and observer. We’ll go through as many drafts as necessary for you to have crafted a piece that you are proud of and really stands out. And we’ll absolutely make sure that you don’t deliver a trite or cliche essay.
We’ll also tackle the Supplemental essays for every school on your list with the same care and rigor that you give your Personal Statement. The average student must write about 30 different essays which have become increasingly important for standing out at one particular school. We help students answer the “Why Us?” essays for each college with authenticity and specificity. These essays have become some of the most critical in the process because colleges need to believe that you are a good fit and will come if they accept you.
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execute the applications
Everything else needed for each school application will be optimized to support the narrative. Together we’ll strategize your recommenders and write them “ask letters” so that they are working from the same narrative playbook you are.
We’ll order and prioritize the awards and activities sections, which will be made to read like an executive resume, pulling out the most important elements of each activity and giving a flavor to your work beyond the name alone. And we’ll keep you on track throughout the entire process, working to deadlines, reading every application, line-by-line before it ever goes out the door and preparing you for interviews as they happen once the applications are submitted.
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field the offers
When acceptance offers start coming in during early spring, we’ll help you understand your options and any new opportunities that emerge like mid-year start-dates or invitations to join an honors college.
We’ll do a side-by-side comparison of financial aid offers and help you understand the details and true cost of each offer. Whenever it’s possible, we’ll also help prepare you to negotiate with colleges for even better financial aid offers, or appeal an existing offer based on new information. Finally, if you’re on a waitlist that you want to move off, we’ll help you position yourself for strong consideration. Every year we help students get off of waitlists by going above and beyond to show commitment and merit.
This is the way to smartly, calmly and efficiently navigate the college admissions process.  And it’s a way that we’ve proven is successful in getting good students into great colleges.
For more details about everything included in our advising service, please visit our packages page or schedule a consultation.
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