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Union Hall Advising helps students gain admission to top colleges and win meaningful merit aid scholarships. Through our Affiliate Program, we revenue-share with like-minded partners who distribute our content and promote free initial consultations to parents of prospective families.
Here's how it works:
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Join our Affiliate Program and you'll receive a unique online tracking link.
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Use your tracking link to share content promoting our free consultations via social media, blog posts, emails - however you choose.
we tag your leads
When we get a new lead from you, we tag them as your referral for three months.
admissions advising customer
When that lead converts to an Admissions Advising customer, you're automatically paid $400.
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Automatic payouts are made monthly for every new customer you refer.
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Keep track of all your leads & conversions in real-time through your personalized dashboard.
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frequently asked questions
You have questions? We have answers:

Is there a limit on how much I can earn?

No, there are no limits or caps to our program.

How Do You Track Conversions?

When one of your visitors becomes a “lead,” we tag them with your Affiliate ID as your referral in our CRM system. On our site, visitors become leads when they take some sort of action, either by registering for a webinar, downloading content, or scheduling a free consultation. When one of your tagged leads converts to a sale, the system recognizes you as the referrer and credits you with the conversion, which triggers your payment. You can see all of your visits, leads, and conversions in real-time in your personalized dashboard.

How Long is Your Cookie Life?

We offer a 90-day cookie life. If your lead makes a purchase within 90 days of clicking your link (without clicking someone else's link), you are the affiliate of record.

How is Commission Paid Out?  

Commissions are paid out on the 5th of the month, for conversions that occurred in the previous month. When your referred lead converts and becomes an Admissions Advising customer, you are paid according to how your converted customer pays us. If your referred customer pays the entire cost of the program in full, then you will receive a $400 commission payment in full. If your referred customer pays for the program in equal payments overtime, then you will receive $400 split into equal commission payments to match the referred customer’s payment schedule.

How Do I Promote Union Hall Advising?

When you join, we will provide you with a unique referral link to use to send visitors to our site. You can use this link in any of your own content to direct visitors our way. We also provide a number of pre-made banners and social media-sized images that you can download from your affiliate portal.
Some examples of how you can promote Union Hall Advising: 
We offer content-centric webinars multiple times per day. These are not sales pitches but rather high-value sessions that showcase the Union Hall methodology. 
Union Hall regularly writes thought-provoking articles on the state of college admissions and specific tactics that families seeking admission to top colleges can employ.
We provide families with free consultations to learn about our services and gain insight into what the college admissions process will look like for them.

What are the Terms & Conditions of the program?

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