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Union Hall Advising was founded with one goal: to help students gain admission to highly selective colleges. Statistically, this has been harder to do every year for the last 20 years. But we’re on the verge of a new era in college admissions that will make gaining entry even more competitive and difficult to predict.
We call it the rise of “character-based” admissions - a flavor of holistic admissions that values the kind of student you are and the kind of person you are more than specific metrics like gpa and test scores.
There are a few reasons why character-based admissions are taking hold. One is the move away from standardized tests. Another is the legal complexity in building a racially diverse class. These and other factors are combining to make the admissions decision process more opaque and difficult to penetrate with the usual tactics. But these changes also represent an opportunity for savvy families to win the new game, even if they don’t have perfect grades and scores. This is where Union Hall focuses its energy.
our approach
Winning admission in this new environment relies on great student packaging more than ever. What is the story the student is telling and how does it serve each college on the list? What are the proof points supporting the narrative? Does the school believe it can “yield” you (i.e., get you to enroll)?
These are the questions that Union Hall Advising has built its consultancy around. Curating, and then telling an authentic story that is customized to each college you are targeting and backing it up with proof is what we help students and families do. The result is a set of applications that gives you the best chance of standing out and winning acceptance under the scrutiny of character-based admissions.
our advisors
When you work with Union Hall, you’ll be paired with an experienced, dedicated admissions advisor. Each has helped hundreds of students through the process and knows how to get you from one end to the other.  But there is more to it than that. Our advisors know how to package students. They know how to weave a personal narrative from every element of the student’s past. And when there are holes in the story, our advisors know how to close them, building proof points that support the narrative no matter how far along you are in the process.
This is a team that focuses on strategy, but will also get in the mud with you to ensure the right execution of that strategy. This is how we win selective admissions, whether you are shooting for a top 10 school or a top 100 school.
our process
partnering with families
We know you’ve dedicated countless hours of time and effort to getting your student to this point in their high school career. We know you want them to win admission to their dream school and gain what they have worked so incredibly hard to achieve. That’s why our role is as your dedicated partner in that success. A partner that is focused solely on your student with no competing priorities.
Your school guidance counselor can’t do what we do, even if they themselves are top-notch advisors. Why? Because a school counselor is always going to put the high school first. They have to give every student equal attention and put their own college relationships above individual families. We don’t have to do this. Instead, we work with you to take advantage of everything your school advisor can provide, while not being disadvantaged by advice that is meant for the masses. The role of trusted partner is one that we cherish and we often stay connected to the families we work with well after the admission process ends.
If you’re ready to partner with Union Hall, please schedule a consultation with us. We’d love to hear who your student is and where they want to go. We’d also love to tell you how we can help and what the process looks like. We have advising packages that meet every need and budget.
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