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We are just at the start of an unprecedented time in college admissions. GPAs and test scores still matter - but only within the context of a student's broader opportunities and personal story. Today, highly selective colleges are placing even more importance on subjective measures like intellectual curiosity, writing ability, and success in the adult world. Building character-driven narratives and revealing them in the application takes careful packaging. It's also what we do best. If your goal is to gain admission to a highly selective college or to get the most merit aid possible in this new world, we can help.
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Our team is adept at getting students into their dream schools. Whether you aspire for the Top 10 or The Top 100, we know how to make your application stand out.
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Whether you are a Senior ready to apply to your dream schools or a Freshman starting to plan your high-school career, we can help. Our team of advisors helps every student solidify their personal narrative, build a college list that maximizes selectivity and merit aid, and write every essay and fill out every application.
Take control of the application process and package yourself to stand out. We have a proven method for getting good kids into great schools.  No matter how far along you are in the process of applying, we can help.
•  Identify your personal narrative
•  Write essays that reveal character
•  Position your achievements
If you’re a junior thinking about college, now is the right time to start working with us. We will help you make the most of your remaining time and make sure that what you do now is what colleges want to see next year.
•  Maximize what makes you impressive
•  Address your weaknesses
•  Plan for a meaningful summer
The best way to gain admission to highly selective colleges is to work backwards from your senior year, planning and accomplishing now what you’ll want to showcase later.  Our advisors work with students as young as 8th grade to make this happen.
•  Make the right academic choices
•  Develop authentic extracurriculars
•  Get expert guidance at each step
what parents say about our team
parents are talking

"like part of the family

Our advisor became like part of the family! I am so appreciative of everything she did to help our daughter get into her dream school.”

- Francis J.

"we are so happy

You all worked hard for our son and always told him like it was. We saw him working harder on the process to make his advisor proud and we are so happy that he got in to his top choice.”

- Jill R.

"so much encouragement

Our family would like to thank you for everything. You have provided so much encouragement and (our daughter) really loved working with you. Seeing her happy has made it all worth it.”

- Stephanie B.

parents are talking

"incredibly happy

We’ve been incredibly happy with Union Hall. Everything they said they would do, they did. In our experience with other tutors and advisors, this is rare.”

- Greg L.

"guided our son

We've been working with the team at Union Hall for years. They guided our son through high school. It's been great to have them at his side. There's no way he would have the resume he has now without their help.”

- Amy M.

"they know what they're doing

We really liked the pragmatism of the leaders at Union Hall. They approached this like a project which helped quell some of the emotion and kept everyone on track. They really know what they are doing.”

- Michael C.

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