We help students gain admission to highly selective colleges

Our team knows how to position students to admissions officers, so that they stand out - with or without test scores

As test-optional admissions extend into next year, today’s seniors & juniors should expect an extremely competitive college admissions cycle. Our consultants will work with your student now to make sure they win.

Our team will help your student:

top college admissions
Develop an overarching personal and academic narrative for each specific college on your list
top college admissions
Build a cohesive set of essays that will reveal their character, while also presenting them as strong writers and observers
top college admissions
Position extracurriculars to show dedication and success while also suggesting additional activities that will enhance the narrative
top college admissions
Advise on every part of the application, including the college list, early decision choice, testing strategy, teacher recommendations, summer plans, video profiles, admissions interviews and many others
top college admissions
Maximize financial aid and negotiate the best possible offer
If you're looking for a partner and advocate to work with your student and your family throughout the entire application process, please schedule a free consultation to see how we can help you!
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